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About CodeSource Software

The Company

Software Corporation is a software solutions company, based in Southern California that operates internationally. CodeSource is a C-Corporation.

CodeSource Software Corporation was founded in 1997 as a joint effort between US and Ukrainian software developers. The directive of the firm is to offer high quality and cost effective software development services, leveraging outsourcing opportunities existing between the US, Europe and former soviet nations. CodeSource Services focus on software development for Enterprise Business Solutions with Java.

Founded by individuals with experience in both the US and USSR space programs, CodeSource is able to offer its clients up to date knowledge of the latest technology in the Java Software space, along with proven experience in software configuration management, project management, automated testing strategies and object oriented design. This range of skills allows CodeSource to deliver on its promise to "build better technology for business."

Beneath the technical experience of its staff and the accumulated knowledge offered by CodeSource, the most important factor differentiating CodeSource from its competitors are the strong relationships that form the company. Our personnel are the same that started our firm over 12 years ago. We have a strong relationship of trust, open communication, and dedication to task that has made us successful in every project we have implemented.


Our mission is to sell software development and architecture solutions. CodeSource promotes better software for more profitable business and technology applications.


Mark Strachan - 20 years experience in the software industry, from Rockwell International to Java Consulting and outsourcing management. Mr. Strachan was the lead architect for Marshall Industries, winner of the 1999 #1 IT innovator award from Information Week. Information Week ranked 500 companies, and Microsoft placed #3. Mark is the vision behind CodeSource's Collaboration Suite and Objective architecture, and is currently focused on shaping the business direction of the company.


In order to provide better insource-outsource technical solutions with top quality on site consulting staff, CodeSource Software is partnered with the OCJ Group, a California corporation specializing in staff placement services.