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CodeSource Software is often required not to disclose the corporate identities of its customers, and we respect these requests, as a company. What we can disclose is that we work with Fortune 500 companies and small companies in the following sectors of the economy: Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Software, Transportation, Distribution, Media, and Automotive.

CodeSource has worked on a wide variety of projects including:

• JIT actively updated distributed caching for enterprise systems

• An IDE for SAS program submission of clinical studies to the government

• Pharmaceutical Controlled Terminology management

• LDAP group management across enterprise file systems

• Software configuration management, project management, workflow and communications for a unified development process

• Development of a complete Application Framework for enterprise OODBs

• Construction of a distributed object oriented database

• Optimization of container management persistence for entities persisted with Oracle, for a major open source J2EE container vendor

• Electronic parts distribution system for a leading Electronic parts vendor.

• User interface components for financial systems

In order to work with the largest corporate clients, who may also require the placement of US based or onsite staff in order to manage a project, CodeSource Software has a partner firm, the Genuent, who specializes in the placement of both full time and consulting staff. At any given time, the OCJ Group has 50-75 staff members placed at firms around the country. The OCJ is able to assist with any corporate legal and accounting issues that may be involved in the management of consulting relationships.