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  Aurora Object Management System

Your information partner

Aurora is a management system designed for distributed computing in high performance clusters or stand-alone servers, providing information prevalence for Java objects.

    The Problem

In order to develop sophisticated, enterprise-grade applications, it is necessary to resolve common programmatic issues relating to the distribution, management and security of information within the network. Solving information life-cycle issues is one of the biggest challenges of enterprise applications, accounting for a large share of research and development barriers and costs.
  • Modern applications must meet stringent requirements for successful adoption
    Enterprise applications must handle many users working in different roles and require information management throughout distributed networks.

  • Development costs and risks increase with added application functionality
    Information management increases in complexity as applications strive towards unification and streamlining of enterprise processes, incurring in larger costs for reaching application maturity.
How do your applications handle distributed information within the network?
    The solution

Aurora offers an approach to managing distributed computing problems in Java, allowing for faster and more efficient enterprise application development.

Aurora comes with comprehensive features to facilitate distributed object and transaction management. Aurora sets-up for you an object network that may be handled efficiently and integrated to existing resources such as current application servers, databases, enterprise applications and legacy systems.

The Aurora Object Management System takes care of reliably distributing information objects within the enterprise.
    Key Benefits
  • Decrease development costs and time to market of application projects.

  • Reduce your development risks by employing reusable patterns to solve common programmatic issues.

  • Focus your efforts on developing your ideas instead of struggling through technological complexity.

  • Enable faster application development by focusing your efforts on the problem domain at hand.

  • Aurora will help you deliver on time, better and more stable software.
    Outstanding Features

  • Transparent object prevalence

  • Distributed transaction management with replication, fail-over and load balancing

  • True garbage collection of inactive objects

  • Application upgrade management

  • Automated object backup and recovery

  • Comprehensive data management of object networks

  • Extensive query tool integration for objects

  • Comprehensive reporting tools

  • Integration with current systems and applications

  • XML import and export tools