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  CodeSource Cloud Computing

Performance is the business

CodeSource Cloud Computing services provide an integrated solution for performance intensive applications.

    The Problem

Mission critical applications with high computation throughput require best of breed hardware and software, for reliable production throughout the enterprise.
  • Performance solutions depend on the interaction between structural and logical assets
    A solution that does not contemplate the interdependence between hardware and software might fail at the weakest link.
Does your infrastructure provide optimal performance for enterprise applications?
    The solution

Our extensive knowledge of different problem domains allows us to develop solutions that fit entirely to your demands.

CodeSource Cloud Computing infrastructure includes Fedora Linux, adjusted to your hardware requirements to give you maximum speed and reliability.
Fail-safe mechanisms guarantee that your business runs smoothly and consistently, delivering information on-demand, without downtime or performance bottlenecks.

Coupled with CodeSource’s software architecture, high performance Linux clusters significantly boost computational capacity, giving an edge to the most intensive business applications. Cloud enabled applications may fully benefit from parallel processing, load balancing and fault tolerance.

CodeSource delivers tailor-made, high capacity servers for demanding business applications.
    Key Benefits
  • The security and stability of your network should be second nature. CodeSource Cloud Computing puts your mind at ease so you can concentrate on business.

  • Empower on-demand information and get the most out of your hardware.

  • CodeSource Cloud Computing hardware comes pre-configured to your necessities so you can deploy your applications in days, not weeks.

  • CodeSource provides expert consulting, hands-on optimization and remote monitoring.

Outstanding features

  • IP-tables firewall provides stringent security measures

  • Kernel optimization ensures optimal hardware performance

  • Gigabit or Infiniband communications maximize the speed of information