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  Objective Framework

Solve more problems

The Objective Framework simplifies application integration and deployment.

    The Problem

Enterprise applications require a common “plumbing” for successful distribution. Finding your own solutions to major application infrastructure problems can be a costly venture.

  • Application distribution within the enterprise requires unified management processes
    Applications employ reusable components to safely share information across the enterprise. Building your own components is time-consuming and may incur in the usual development setbacks.

  • Existing frameworks fall short on their promise to deliver
    Vendor and open source framework solutions may offer too many or too little options, leaving developers to struggle through complex implementation requirements or weave a patchwork of different components.
How does your development team employ application infrastructure?
    The solution

Objective breaks down domain problems into simple components such as system users, interfaces and data entities. Components and how they interact within the network are managed through web-based and desktop user interfaces.

Security restrictions can be managed at the component level, giving you fine control over each user’s role.

Automated deployment and updates offer strict control of enterprise applications.

Objective is portable to different application servers so you may maintain current infrastructure and development practices.

The Objective Framework makes it very easy to quickly integrate and deploy applications throughout the enterprise.
    Key Benefits
  • Implement your ideas and solve your problem domain, instead of spending valuable resources in testing or developing components from scratch.

  • Reduce risks by taking the complexity out of application development. The Objective Framework serves as a reliable and proven base for delivering application infrastructure.

  • Decrease development schedule and time to market by reusing code from project to project, implementation to implementation.

  • Provide consistency in development, making it easier to learn, support and maintain your applications.

Outstanding features

The Objective Framework presents a compelling array of features specificaly designed to give you a competitive advantage in building better, more reliable software:

  • Advanced security for all system components

  • Automated backup and recovery for increased safety and reliability of data

  • Web-based and desktop management interfaces for global access

  • High scalability to adapt to new business dimensions

  • Comprehensive user and group management system

  • Integrated workflow collaboration over the web, e-mail and desktop

  • Version control with complete histories of all changes

  • Systems programming libraries to speed up common tasks

  • MVC construct for isolation of business and presentation layers

  • Automated deployment and system upgrades

  • Runtime configuration rules providing flexibility after deployment

  • ODBC driver for integration with reporting tools