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  Advanced Technology Services Division

Technology for success

CodeSource Advanced Technology Services Division (ATSD) is your preferred technology partner when it comes to implementing successful business ideas.

    The problem

Solving mission critical issues with off-the-shelf applications can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. Too often a patchwork solution is required to meet a basic set of business requirements. At the same time, in-house application development requires expensive resources while steering your focus away from your core business.
  • Compromise rather than optimal performance becomes the rule
    Off-the-shelf solutions often fail to meet a set of necessities, forcing your company to compromise its performance and, ultimately, its goals.

  • Integration and adaptability problems increase TCO
    Inability to adapt to new business realities and dimensions is a large hidden cost of any enterprise software. Moreover, in-house software development will ultimately demand increasing resources to solve classic programmatic issues.
How does your company find the right technology to solve mission critical business requirements?
    The solution

CodeSource consultants work together with you to determine business requirements and apply marketplace knowledge to build better software.
  • Our highly qualified development teams, including engineers with over 15 years of experience, can concentrate on the complexities of technology, freeing you up to dedicate resources to your core business concerns.

  • The CodeSource Collaboration Suite integrates development efforts and maximizes the potential of existing resources such as your own development experts. We can integrate teams and manage all aspects of the software development process through comprehensive administration and collaboration tools.
CodeSource ATSD provides a cost-effective means to handle IT development.
    Key Benefits
  • Get your ideas implemented faster and more reliably, considerably increasing your ability to respond to new business opportunities

  • Leverage CodeSource technologies and development experience, reducing expensive technical personnel costs and capital investment, cutting down on additional workstations and lab space for development

  • Redirect savings accrued in IT towards new project areas and concentrate on implementing your new business ideas

  • Reduce risks associated with software development, such as missed deadlines and quality assurance, and increase accountability and control through the Collaboration Suite, CodeSource’s premium software development environment

  • Reach new business dimensions effortlessly with CodeSource’s scalable technologies
    How it Works

Application development involves many phases to assure that the final product adheres to a project’s objectives.
  • Project positioning: CodeSource ATSD works together with you to determine general and specific goals and to gather requirements. A project leader is assigned by CodeSource as your primary contact and is responsible for assuring on-time delivery.

  • Project blueprint: From the project positioning description, CodeSource ATSD develops an application specification, or blueprint, using UML (Universal Modeling Language). This is a pre-planning stage that is fundamental for quality assurance. Our technical architects focus on designing robust, scalable and maintainable solutions.

  • Development and unit testing: In this phase, application modules are coded and may be deployed for testing according to pre-established project milestones. CodeSource ATSD may integrate technologies according to your specifications.

    CodeSource’s Objective Framework and the Aurora Object Management System are proven and tested infrastructure solutions for highly sophisticated distributed enterprise applications.

  • Pre-release deployment: A comprehensive testing of the final application is conducted by CodeSource ATSD together with your staff, assuring that all features are functional and requirements have been met. Using the CodeSource Collaboration Suite, we can collaborate with your development team in reaching project objectives.

  • Production grade: The application is published in the production server and is ready for business use.

  • Impact evaluation and refactoring: As you start working with your application, new ideas may surface and new functionalities come to demand. CodeSource ATSD works with you to adapt to these changes. Our modular application design allows for quick response to changing business necessities.

CodeSource ATSD offers the experience to turn your ideas into successful business ventures.